A selection of comments from my customers, both business and home users. Most of my customers are on monthly contract but some are on pay-as-you-go. I also support a few customers overseas on remote control from my time living in Spain. I do PCs, Laptops, Networks, Servers, Databases, Web services and general IT.


"Steve has always been a great help to the business" - Nigel, Brand Fusion , Leatherhead

"I have had many other IT people but no one beats Steve for price/expertise" - Jenny, Claygate

"We feel Steve's expertise is second to none and he keeps us safe" - Nick, Patrick Gardner Est. Agents

"Never has IT been so smooth in our busy office" - Margaret, Capitol Engineering Services, Tolworth

"I can't believe we are getting such expertise, great VFM" - Jamie, Jet Cleaning

"Steve helps us immensely, and in a wide range of disciplines" - James, Freshwater Building Svcs

"Friendly, efficient and fast response, we couldn't ask for more" - Godfrey, Epsom


I sell a range of Computers and Laptops all based on the rock-solid engineering of HP along with software from Microsoft. Visit my Store on Ebay to see what's for sale this week...


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